The Feldenkrais(R)approach to reclaiming a healthy back and resilient nervous system.

Everything you need to know about chronic back pain
(but your doctor had no time to explain!)

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  This unique web site will provide you with:

  • A practical basic anatomy of your spine and back muscles so you can see how they really work

  • Step-by-step illustrations of how you can immediately apply this knowledge to relieve back pain.

  • Resources for innovative tools to relieve painful spasm--and support your developing a healthy back

  • Simple, effective tips to address shoulder, sinus and sleeping problems.

  • Practical all-around tips on how to care for yourself to make a quicker recovery

  • Referrals for support services
  • Information on FMF, a disease that parallels symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, acute chest pain, appendicitis, Alzheimer's, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Multiple
    Sclerosis, and is marked by recurring high fevers.

Remember, only a well-informed health consumer can make the right choices to regain a healthy, flexible back.

Understandably, a sense of betrayal by your own body results from any pain or limitation. Actually, your very existence is testimony to your coming from an unbroken line of winners--your ancestors who survived the wilds, the wars, the plagues, and the migrations that have challenged mankind since humans began.

My work celebrates the genius of your body's inborn ability to reclaim the freedom of movement that has been refined over generations and which is your true heritage.

Using the following information will soon convince you of the brilliance and competence of your body to heal.

You just needed the manual.

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