A Tool Kit for Liberation

  La Escuela Feliz inhabits a large house with little furniture. Most of the rooms are carpeted, cozy and warm. Pillows, bolsters and inflatable "eggs" abound, as do two widework tables — a womb-like kind of design, environment, energy. Perfect, considering that babymovesTM unfolds from infant development and movement and merges with the evolutionary brilliance inherent in our structural design.

I have just come through my first babymoves
TM session. After an initial detailed conversation about my life, Felicia has asked me to lie on the table. Whether on my back or side, she uses a variety of responsive props to comfortably support my body while she works. For some of the moves I am totally passive, my body and neurology simply receiving the information supplied through these gentle movements. For some of the moves Felicia supplies colorful, imaginative instructions to follow as I originate movements that ripple through my body. The moves themselves are delicate, rhythmic, soothing. As has often been my mode, I venture out to embody her movement suggestions with a noticeable amount of certainty that I will do them "wrong." Much to my amazement Felicia responds with delight, "Oh that's lovely, that’s beautiful. Yes, yes, this is how you were designed to move, this is your evolutionary heritage." Wow!, I think to myself as I melt into a full body-being smile, this loving acknowledgment is glorious, reawakening what must be an instinctual yearning towards full liberation.
  Throughout this session I have been noticing structural changes in my body. As I lie on my back I feel my ribs relax and contact the table; my legs feel as though they extend for miles; my ribcage expands up, out and down with each breath; after my neck released there was a new point of contact for the back of my head with the table; the angle of pelvis meeting table is different, more comfortable.

When we're finished, Felicia suggests resting (it's during rest that the body can "file" the changes) and then moving slowly to sitting. I'm a little woozy and lightheaded; being in my body is feeling very different. Upon standing I feel a good deal taller than ever before. Particularly glorious is the lift and curve of my spine and upper body. I am not making any effort, simply standing, and my spine-upper body feels like a great sail billowed by the wind to curve gracefully upward and outward. In this case, however, it's not the wind supporting me, only my very own muscles. Newly released from historical patterns of spasm (I was shocked to hear Felicia use the word spasm; to me they always felt "normal"). Now my muscles were relaxed and responsive — able to be and do what they were created and designed for. A domino effect of ease and joy relays through me: from happy muscles to bones that feel newly weightless, to my vitality which feels both buoyant and grounded, to me who feels I've suddenly been transported back to being a vivacious, playful 5-year-old.
Doing the moves is relaxing and fun.

Photo by Jennifer Lovejoy

I begin to walk around and enjoy this woosh of energy and wildness. There's a wave of animal instinct that feels back on track. I can't but help notice that I feel very, very big and very, very free. Hmmm . . . .feels delicious but kind of dangerous. My excitement drifts over to fear, and I started pressing my doubts to Felicia: "Isn't my chest sticking out too much? Don't I look too proud, too full of myself? Somebody's not going to like this. I feel too happy, too energetic, too alive." While still strongly registering this new wave of lightness and vitality in my body, my mind is working hard to convince me that in order to preserve "myself" I'd better bail quickly. Felicia hangs with me, gently contradicting the cultural-historical-familial mythology to which I am attempting to stay attached. What a divine place of reality, truth and comfort she holds out. I am able to disengage from my fears and tune instead to the wisdom and perfection that my body is presenting. I love feeling young and free and open and alive like a child again.

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