A Tool Kit for Liberation

  Felicia comments that happy muscles feel like soft butter to the touch. When in that buttery state the "work" of "carrying" a body around ceases. Muscles are not meant to hold the body up; it's the skeleton that supports the body — your muscles get a free ride. When skeletal alignment and support happen, your body automatically becomes buoyant and light.

Often when muscles are "holding" the body they do so in a way that goes against our true design. Here's an example: Rarely is it considered fashionable, by those who dictate those cultural commandments, to have a sway back and a derriere that sticks out. Instead "tails" are tucked and pelvises held tight. These muscular holding is created when a baby begins to toddle. What's more, this incorrect curve travels up the spine causing the thoracic spine and shoulders to hunch over forward. This results in pressure on the cervical spine causing, among other things, neck pain and headaches. With upper back and shoulders hunched forward the chest is collapsed and a good deal of space designated for lungs and breathing is lost. Less oxygen is inhaled and available for use. With bones and muscles not allowed to function freely the way they were designed by a good long stretch of evolution, having a body often becomes a heavy, tense, serious experience. Odd and distressing to realize that this heavy, tense and serious body experience has become the norm for so many of us!

For most babies beginning to move and discover their bodies, all they
  can do is ecstatic: fingers that find their way into a mouth, toes on extended legs that swing and find fingers to clasp them. Babies revel in these simple but profound joys. Scientific research confirms that babies create their neural pathways through these moves and interactions with their environment. This is the source of their ability to see, speak, move, rest, love and unfold as individuals.

Numerous "realities" contribute to the loss, rather than the integration, of these pleasurable, easy, moving-being experiences. By the time most people are merely a decade old they have "learned" instead to integrate a downcast perspective of disappointment, frustration, isolation and self doubt. Patterns displayed emotionally usually have their counterparts in the physical body, and vice versa. Modern culture contributes its share of rules: Don't be too big, best to squelch your curiosity, sexuality, creativity, intelligence, etc. so that you "fit in" and "do the right thing." But even fitting in and doing the right thing does not exempt you from being typed, labeled, objectified and oppressed according to gender, sexual preference, race, religion, education and earning capacity.

Felicia’s work with the body, and the being that resides inside, presumes no single, right response. She trusts in the body's unique intelligence, claiming that all bodies know just what to do, but many need some guidance to get back to this original place of knowing. What's more, Felicia’s warm
  acceptance and encouragement of all efforts is a grand contradiction to the prevailing cultural messages that steer toward the self entrapment mentioned above. What a relief to know there's a way to re-find freedom.

Both she and her work present an experiential perspective that demonstrates life in a body was designed to be fun, easy and comfortable. What's more, the liberation and all that follows from this is vast. Re-finding this original place of knowing coincides exactly with the wide openness of connection, compassion, respect and love. I have begun to notice, along with some of the other students at La Escuela Feliz, that in doing this work the boundaries of self and other dissolve into acceptance. I shared with Felicia my wonderings that if this great work were made available to everyone on the planet, would peace, respect, understanding and love flourish? She informed me that Moshe had had a similar idea. He believed that mankind was on the edge of making a quantum leap to becoming fully human. Knowing that, he wanted to make his work available world-wide by broadcasting it via Sputnik.

Lest you read this and think babymoves
TM to be magic, I do want to observe that working on your own is also a piece of effecting the miracle. There are a series of easy, simple moves that, when practiced regularly on your own, will continue the process of allowing your body-being to integrate this revolutionary information. As a beginner, it takes 30 to 40 minutes to do. Felicia claims however that after doing them consistently for a year or so, you can actually do the whole series while waiting for your porridge to cook.

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