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This remarkable innovation is the result of sixteen years of successful re-education of patients referred to me for a wide range of back problems and injuries.

What makes the new RescueRoller™  so effective is simply that it supports the muscles and spine, allowing them to recalibrate to their original healthy tone.

To help relieve acute lumbar or sacroiliac spasm, this effective support can be used as you sleep.  The
RescueRoller™  can also ease the back strain experienced during pregnancy.

One of the earliest discoveries in neuroscience research was the "Stretch Reflex" which is found in all muscles. This reflex is stimulated whenever a muscle is stretched and causes that muscle to automatically contract.

As you can see from the illustration at right, most people sit in a slumped position which

1)  stretches their back muscles, which then will
2) cause the back muscles to contract, and this
3)  results in back spasm.

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais discovered that if one can provide a
passive slackening of the muscle by gentle support, the muscle will automatically release. The RescueRoller™  simply and easily creates that slack for all your back muscles--from the tiniest to the largest--so they can release.

As you use the
RescueRoller  Kit, you will not only learn how to release painful back spasm, you will also
--undo stress and stiffness
--improve your posture
--learn how to avoid future injuries

Included in your
RescueRoller  Kit are:
--illustrated step-by-step directions, and
--an audio cassette to lead you through how to use the

--Your informational cassette will also include an internationally popular
babymove™ , which will soothingly talk you through a gentle and brief movement to release and re-educate your whole spine.

CAUTION:  Please check first with your physician to see if there are any counterindications or reasons you should NOT use the RescueRoller.

Illustrations �1999
by Felicia Noelle Trujillo. All rights reserved.


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